Our wines are developed in a completely traditional and artisan way, so each vintage changes and offers us different experiences.

The Seven Sins are produced in a small Rioja winery, which works 25 hectares of its own vineyard with an average age of 45 years. 90% are free-standing bush vine and 10% are trained on wires practicing all of them sustainable and precision agriculture; respectful with nature and without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or other compounds that may be harmful to the environment.

The terrain of the different plots is mostly clay-calcareous, which offers wines with unique organoleptic qualities and deeply rooted in the wine-growing region they are from.

Due to the way we understand viticulture, our wines begin each vintage from the pruning; year after year we prune to 5 thumbs, instead of 6 as is usually done in Rioja, this allows us to precisely regulate the production in the vineyard itself.

Later we carry out the "spergura", another completely manual work, which consists of eliminating the herbaceous shoots and defining exactly the growth buds that are left. We always leave 2 buds on each thumb, which has many benefits for the vine and for the development of the bunches; improves aeration and penetration of light, and favors a microclimate of the bunch more suitable for proper ripening.

These two processes give us much less grape production in the vineyard but of much higher quality.

At the time of the harvest, it is done at the exact time, all manually and trying to ensure that the grapes reach the winery fully in shape to avoid oxidation.

Once the grapes are in the winery, we use the Bordeaux or "destemming" system, which consists of removing the stem from the bunch before fermentation begins. In this way we avoid astringent and herbaceous flavors of the fermentation grape must.

In the elaboration each wine will have different fermentation temperatures. To find more power in the mouth we do a "destemmed" maceration, in which the winemaker makes the "discover" (the separation of the liquid from the solid) at the exact moment. This process is carried out "by tasting", instead of doing it by analytical, to find the best "bouquet" of the wine.

In summary, our traditional elaboration adding small innovative nuances, the daily control of our vineyards and the selection of our grapes, from the birth of the vine to the final result, gives us every year the best wines for our Seven Sins. For something, the 2016 vintage of one of our sins has just received a Platinum Decanter award with 97 points.

Each bottle is dressed and painted by hand, the locks and the forks are made of tin in high relief, the stocking, the Swarovski crystals, the sealing waxes, the labels... Every bottle is complete handmade, just like the wines they contain.

For all of this, Seven Sins has been awarded with the most prestigious International Desing Awards:

The Dieline Awards.
Chicago. USA.

Premios Anuaria.
Barcelona. Spain.


Art Directors Club of Europe.

Annual Design Awards.
London. UK.

Mobius Awards.



Fab Awards.
London. UK.

Barcelona. Spain.

Premios Hispanoamérica.