Design is fundamental part in the development of our wines. Each bottle tells a different story. Each sin is represented in a way that evokes different feelings on the viewer.

The LUST wrapped in a woman’s stocking, an evocative touch at the time of grabbing the bottle, sensuality in the hand and in the mouth when tasting it.

The ENVY wishing everything that surrounds it, that is the reason of its mirror effect, which reflexes and catches its environment.

The SLOTH as recently leaving a bottle cemetery where it has been sleeping for a long time, full of dust and with the text in horizontal, that is why it likes be readed lying down.
In other bottle we find a WRATH attack in the way of a burned label... we couldn’t avoid it.

The PRIDE always above all, standing out, in this case, with Swarovski crystals.

The GLUTTONY couldn’t hold on the fork that embraces it, letting it completely useless after so much use and abuse.

And in the last place trying to be untouched for nobody, a lock persevering the GREED.